“Slaughter writes with passion... Her narrative dexterity will hook readers immediately… A poignant account of traumatic childhood memories, resilience and survival.”

Kirkus Reviews

About Veronica

Dr. Veronica Slaughter was born in the Philippines to an American father and a Filipino mother in 1951. At eight, she and her siblings were kidnapped by their father and brought to the United States. In spite of her turbulent childhood, she was able to achieve the American Dream through her resilience and determination.

About Have You Seen These Children?

This book follows the lives of four young children caught between love and hate—hostages to the cruelty of revenge. Valorie, Veronica, Vance, and Vincent’s perfect world turned into a nightmare one hot afternoon in 1959. What was to be a quick lunch with their father turned into four dreadfully long years of running, hiding, and then vanishing into obscurity. Determination, courage, and a rosary were all they had on their side. Individually, they were victims; together they were warriors. And in the end, love conquered all.


“Slaughter writes with passion, gracefully offering the delicate details of her parents’ courtship and the erosion of her own relationship with her father as well as relating the fear and confusion that she and her siblings felt. Her narrative dexterity will hook readers immediately... A poignant account of traumatic childhood memories, resilience and survival.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A harrowing account of the life-long consequences victims of parental abductions experience—months, years, even decades after they are reunited with the left-behind parent. The author gives a first-person perspective of what it’s like to be robbed of the most basic need: access to one’s mother.”

Lizbeth Meredith, author of Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters

“Veronica Slaughter’s words are spellbinding and paint a vivid picture every step of the way throughout her journey. Once you start her book, I dare you to put it down before the end. This is a story of survival, love, and resilience. Reading it, you will laugh and cry, and afterward, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.”

Tammy L. Coia, president and founder of TLC Writing Retreats

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